TDNet develops robust solutions to support research workflows in special libraries, information & knowledge centers in 3 areas –

  • Discovery and delivery – discovery search, link resolver, holdings management and knowledgebase services
  • Library Portals – modular library managed portals based on a content management system
  • Authentication – on/off site users’ authentication, access management and usage analysis

Our mission is to be trusted partners of libraries and information centers for serving their users smartly and efficiently.

Whether you’re in healthcare, corporate or government,  TDNet makes it easy to implement discovery, portals and authentication in your organization - from basic system capabilities to custom solutions tailored to your specific needs.

TDNet lets libraries and information centers simply and securely upgrade their content technology and services with increased ROI – no matter where resources are.

TDNet solutions uniquely combine technology and content together with extensive integration, customization and professional services.

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TDNet – Discovery & Delivery
Discover and deliver the information you want more simply with better research workflows. TDNet’s discovery service lets people in your organization find and get the content they need quickly and efficiently. TDNet’s great web-scale search engine covers all scientific, technology and biomed areas, powered by a robust content linking and delivery workflow, is integrated with the organization infrastructure and content, provides a great experience out of the box and a significant return on investment.
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TDNet – Library Portals
Simply implement autonomous, feature-rich library and information center portals for your specific needs. TDNet’s portals are easy to create, manage and control. Your users get the information they need in the way that works for your organization. With a rich – library specific - content management system and unique content pages and widgets framework, TDNet helps you customize the layout, branding and features with easy management and control.
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TDNet – Authentication
Access all your content with a single-sign-on experience Powered by OpenAthens, TDNet’s access and authentication services let your users connect to all your subscribed resources using their network login. Regardless of location or IP address, users gain simple, secure access your organization’s electronic resources, while integrating with your existing single sign-on system.
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