About Virtual INFO 2021

25-26 May, 2021, Live virtual event.


Teldan Information Systems is pleased and proud to announce the virtual INFO 2021 conference, to be held on 25-26 May 2021.

The INFO Annual Conference & Exhibition is the largest event of its kind in Israel. Organized by Teldan Information Systems over 35 years, INFO conferences have been the most prestigious and professional event to the information community in Israel.

Due to world travel restrictions, this year the event will be in a different format, in the form of a virtual event.
The virtual conference will take place over two days, there are planned to be about 8 presentations each day.

At this conference, most of the presentations will be local, with their topics related to the theme of the event: Information in a Post-Covid Era.

Publishers and information providers will be able to advertise their sponsorships as well.

Organized by Teldan Information Systems, which has led the information industry in Israel for over 40 years, INFO conferences have been the most prestigious and professional events of the information community in Israel for over three decades, and make this meeting an especially attractive event for leading Information providers.




Who Attends?

INFO conferences attendees include people working in all aspects of the information world like: information specialists, librarians, researchers and academics, information and content managers, heads of consortia, research managers, information buyers, business intelligence managers.

Sectors: Academic, Industrial, Medicine, Government, Commercial and Law.