Teldan Information Systems is a leading international provider of information products and services since 1979. Teldan represents the world's leading publishers and provides access to the most prestigious and professional information resources.

Resources include research databases, e-books, standards, print journals and e-journals - Those are combined with the most powerful specialized discovery services to support a wide range of information needs.

Teldan has a wide customer base that includes: universities and colleges, consortia groups, research institutes, health and medical centers, public libraries, government agencies and offices, corporations and security & defense organizations.  


Our Mission

To be the #1 authority in the world of professional information, providing the best solutions for our customers that facilitate higher quality research, reduce costly time inefficiencies and promote a safer operation.

Teldan is committed to being on the edge of the latest technology for developing and providing the best information solutions. We adhere to the highest standards of excellence, quality and professionalism in long-term, strategic partnerships with our customers.


International Operations

Teldan works worldwide with a global direct sales offices and by using local agents and distributers.

Teldan supports information needs anywhere with international customers in Europe, Africa, North America, China and Latin America.


Teldan's History

    • 1979 - Teldan was founded by Asher Sofrin and Dan Karmi, two young electronics engineering graduates of the Technion institute. Long before desktop computers were present in every office, their goal was to improve the way defense companies obtain professional information.

    • Early 80's - The company started servicing the academic market as well as the corporate market. Additional verticals were being continuously added.

    • 1983 - Teldan HQ moved to larger offices in Tel Aviv, Israel.

    • 1985 - the company organized the first INFO convention. This convention became a successful annual convention for more than 30 consecutive years. The event brings together year after year the entire information community in Israel and many more regular participants and lecturers from around the world.

    • 1989 - Establishment of Teldan Inc. in the US and expansion of services to Latin America.

    Dan Karmi and Asher Sofrin 1979
    Dan Karmi & Asher Sofrin, 1979
    • 1991 - Expansion of services to South Africa.

    • The 90's - the professional information delivery moved from print, microfiche and telex, to delivering CD-ROMs for desktop computers, which was later followed by supplying customers with direct online access.

    • 1998 - Development of a proprietary system for fulfillment and management of customer subscriptions.

    • 2007 - Teldan HQ moved to larger offices in Ramat Gan, Israel.

    Teldan Offices in BSR Tower 1
    Teldan Offices in BSR Tower 1
  • Teldan's long tradition is not keeping it in its tracks. Innovation is a key factor in Teldan's culture. Teldan invested in establishing startups subsidiaries to develop new Information technologies and products. Two of them developed into successful technology companies:  TDNet and Berale (Read more about TDNet and Berale).

    Wherever it operates, Teldan today is the established leading supplier of professional information and a trusted expert in the field. We continue to bring to you the information innovations of tomorrow.

  • Teldan Team
    Teldan Team

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