The company's management recognizes that compliance with competitive market conditions requires the provision of reliable and efficient service to customers, and ensuring delivery and regular access to all the professional content products and services ordered by customers. For this purpose, a quality management system has been established and operates in accordance with ISO 9001, 2015.

The company's quality management system is designed to ensure the full satisfaction of the company's customers, while reducing costs, maintaining the company's profitability, and maintaining the following issues:

  • Maintaining regular access to and supply of journals (printed and electronic) and research databases, according to customer requirements and needs
  • Providing professional and efficient service and quick response to inquiries in order to increase customer satisfaction
  • Increasing awareness among company managers and employees of the importance of being a quality service provider
  • Increasing cooperation between Teldan and its suppliers - publishers and service providers.

The company's management is aware that the quality of operations and customer service depends on the involvement and activity of all company employees in achieving the company's goals.

The company's management is committed to taking all possible steps to ensure a continuous process of improvements in the quality of the activity and the service that the company provides to its customers.

Management will allocate necessary resources, set measurable quality targets, ensure employee training, and conduct surveys and audits to test the implementation of the procedures and to determine options for improvements in the quality management system.

Management shall ensure compliance with laws, regulations and standards relating to the company's area of ​​activity.

Dan Karmi
Asher Sofrin


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ISO 9001 :2015