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The  most reliable and cost-effective way to discover and fix cybersecurity issues before they cause harm.



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Arctic EWS
Designed by Cybersecurity experts to keep your network safe 24/7 Significantly reducing Time-To-Discovery and improving security posture.
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Arctic EWS is Arctic Security’s early warning service. It has been designed by cybersecurity experts with   experience in national  cybersecurity  to  keep  your network safe  24/7. Every  day,  it processes over  15  million cyber threat observations across 80,000 organizations and 80 vulnerable services and matches relevant ones to your assets to provide you  with quick, actionable threat intelligence.

At Arctic Security,  we match observations to your organization using IP network information and domain names and enhance this information into ready-to-use notifications. The threat types it can handle include compromised machinaes and remotely exploitable services that act  as  publicly accessible weak points in your network.

Arctic EWS doesn’t replace but  compliments your existing security measures. It adds an extra layer of security to your operations by catching incidents that have passed through your current security solutions. It enables you to recognise risks and reduce time-to-discovery for the threats around you, many of which are  visible to the  outside world.

Our service is cost-effective and easy to set  up and maintain for any  business. All you need to do is provide us with your basic network information and you can start receiving notifications without any complex configurations or installation processes


The benefits of Arctic EWS:

An effective tool that reduces vulnerabilities by identifying and responding to emerging cyber     threats    immediately, before they become a major issue

Constant 24/7 monitoring of your network through fast and practical notifications, and a false-positive rate of under 2% to help reduce your average time  to fix problems

Actionable and straightforward reporting built on filtered structured data that is exclusively about your incidents, displayed within a report that's readable for anybody

The most cost-effective way to compile a list of cloud assets, helping to catch   incidents that   have   been   missed and   improve your cyber risk score

High-quality security monitoring reports of potential compromises, rated by severity, that can be presented to stakeholders requesting assurances of your security posture

A real-time alert system, as well as ongoing weekly assurance assessments and monthly historical progress reports that track performance over time

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