Matach Israel or Center for Educational Technology . CET's mission is to empower educational systems around the globe through sharing our knowledge and expertise to create the learning environments of the future. CET’s approach to innovation has always been to harmonize pedagogical needs with the evolution of new technology. Instead of ‘pushing’ technology onto the education system, we work closely with education stakeholders to ensure that technology and digital content best serve their teaching and learning needs

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Kotar e-Books (Iyun)
Hebrew e-Books in various areas such as: Humanities, social sciences, Judaism, history, education etc.
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Kotar e-text books
State-of-the-art digital textbooks available both online and offline, enhanced with multimedia objects. Hebrew text books for all grades in all disciplines.
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Ofek and "My Studio"
Tools for teachers that enable building lessons, providing Assignments to students etc. For both primary school and junior high school. Horizon (Ofek)- Content delivery platform for digital textbooks, digital courses and a learning objects repository. My Studio – An authoring tool for the creation of smart interactive, agnostic digital content.
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Hasod shel Maya
Teaching game database for kids in the age of 3-6 in various area such as: language, math etc..
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