Organizations that Manufacture electronic products must manage different parts and components that are used within their products.

From design to decommissioning, the product life-cycle presents huge challenges. Components are increasingly complex yet have shorter life-cycles. The innovation imperative, greater regulation, manufacturer consolidation, counterfeit risk and PCN/EOL concerns – all these pressures can hamper your ability to buy the right components and manage obsolescence.

IHS Markit is the leading developer of world-class component databases, applications to manage component obsolescence, and custom data services tailored to your component research and sourcing needs.

With tools to access component pricing, availability, compliance, environmental (EU & China RoHS, REACH SVHC, PDSL, DRC), alternates (FFF), counterfeit risk and reusability information, EOL/PCN & Counterfeit alerts, including the ability to integrate information into your ERM and PLM systems, you can cultivate and maintain a healthy parts supply chain.

Leverage our solutions to improve strategic sourcing for direct and MRO parts, avoid manufacturing delays caused by obsolete or unavailable parts, and assure your products compliance with environmental regulations.



Our Services

BOM Intelligence
Bill of Material Management Software. Managing electronic components is more crucial than ever. Integrate your BOMs with obsolescence management, Product Change Notifications (PCN), End-Of-Life (EOL) alerts, Counterfeit alerts, Environmental information, research and analysis. Backed by the industry`s most reliable and up-to-date electronic database of over 600 million parts.
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Parts Intelligence
Online Electronic Component Research Solution that provides access to critical information on over 600 million electronic components, electro-mechanical parts and fasteners from over 5600 manufacturers worldwide. Identify the best electronic components using detailed technical attributes and documentation, lead-free alternates, lifecycle forecasts and current availability and pricing data.
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Fasteners add-on
Add IHS's vast collection of Mechanical Fasteners to your Electronic Parts solution, to provide a complete solution to your supply chain needs.
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Electronic DB Offline
Offline access to the Parts Intelligence database, for organizations that prefer not to use online tools.
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Content Services
IHS Markit provides extensive services and capabilities to help you track part life cycles (including COTS) and comply with material and social regulations. Leverage our expertise on parts and COTS life cycles; Material compliance content such as RoHS, REACH, Full Material Disclosure; Conflict minerals and more.
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 The IHS Markit Parts difference:

  • comprehensive, current and reliable data
  • Electronic components and fasteners: 916 million and growing
  • PCN/EOL/counterfeit alerts: 136,880 alerts between 2007-2015, delivered within 2 days of receipt
  • Cross references: 916 million direct/similar replacements and 87.5 million engineered replacements
  • Attributes: up to 134 per component
  • Environmental compliance: 512 million documents
  • Historical data: Going back to 1960, sourced from original catalogs
  • Part pricing and availability: 22.9 million parts from authorized and independent distributors
  • Counterfeit parts: Leading database of authorized distributors, leveraging ESCO and GIDEP intelligence
  • Unrivaled quality: ANSI standard sampling for quality control, closed loop process to validate data, and dual data entry to prevent human error


No other provider offers such up-to-date comprehensive components database, cross-references, aftermarket parts or extent of environmental compliance, historical data and part attributes.

  • The extensive collection of attributed part content includes:
  • Export Compliance (ITAR/EAR, ECCN, Harmonized Tariff Schedule)
  • Manufacturer identity, CAGE code, contact and part type
  • Part number, description and packaging
  • Documentation (Datasheets, REACH/RoHS, FMD, Conflict Minerals, PCN/EOL/Counterfeit)
  • Lifecycle stage, part status and EOL (hard/forecast)
  • Authorized suppliers per location
  • Distributors average pricing
  • Alternatives parts (227 million FFF alternates) and sources


Talk with us today to learn how you can:

  • Optimize your supply chain
  • Master the innovation cycle
  • Achieve procurement savings
  • Reduce production costs
  • Win business and negotiate favorable quotes
  • Achieve regulatory compliance
  • Streamline data management

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