Ovid helps researchers, librarians, clinicians, and other healthcare professionals find important medical information so that they can make critical decisions to improve patient care, enhance ongoing research, and fuel new discoveries. Ovid offers a market-leading medical research platform of premium aggregated content and productivity tools that make it easy to quickly search information and make informed decisions on patient care, quality, and clinical outcomes.  Ovid partners with more than 150 information producers to provide a selection of current, premium resources aggregated on OvidSP — our flagship research platform. We maintain a commitment to content currency, and support archival resources critical to understanding the historical perspective on medical diagnoses and treatment.

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Books on Ovid
Thousands of eBooks and e-text books in healthcare, medicine, nursing and para-medical areas. Purchase or lease, both with Unlimited access. Excellent resolution for graphs and images.
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Journals on Ovid
Thousand of eJournals published by Wolters Kluwer/LWW, 3rd party publishers, and societies in healthcare, medicine, nursing and para-medical areas. Individual subscriptions or packages. No access fee, unlimited access no Embargo.
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Databases on Ovid
more than 100 core and niche databases to support the breadth of research needs in a wide range of disciplines including clinical medicine, pharmacology and more. The powerful combination of Ovid's rich database implementation with Ovid's advanced search features, natural language processing, sophisticated linking technology, and customizable display options, offer a unique, integrated database solution ideal for all users at your institution.
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