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Al Manhal is one of the leading Arabic electronic content databases. Al- Manhal database is trusted by over 400 of the Arab and Islamic world’s leading publishers and universities, and over 880 libraries across the globe. Kezana – owner of Al Manhhal, is one of the world’s only provider of full-text searchable databases of scholarly and scientific publications from the Arab and Islamic world in the Arabic Language.
Al Manhal combines deep publishing and library expertise with best-in-class technology to enable university, government, corporate, school, and public library users to efficiently discover and access thousands of eBooks, eJournals, eTheses, and intelligence reports, from the Arab and Islamic worlds’ leading publishers and research institutes.

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eBooks collection
Al Manhal offers over 18,000 of eBooks from the Arab world’s leading publishers, across a diverse range of topics, with more being added every week. The eBooks are available in the various subject areas in social sciences, humanities, Science and Technology
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Journals collection
Al-Manhal Journals collection includes an exclusive selection of over 460 peer-reviewed Journals with over 81,000 articles in Arabic ,English, French, and some other languages published in the Arab & Islamic world. The subject areas are from social sciences and humanities.
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Dissertations & Thesis collection
Provides over 10,000 of full-text searchable dissertations from the most prominent academic foundations across the Middle East. This collection is comprised of scholarly work from master’s and Doctoral graduates from all departments of academia and across the full spectrum of research foci. With ever-growing depth and breadth, the database offers extensive resources, which maximize research potential.
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All content in Al Manhal is in Arabic, English, French and Hebrew. The platform is easy-to-use and enables personal activities like bookshelves that can be accessed offline, highlighting, bookmarking, annotating and text-to-speech, copy/paste and printing with automatic citations .
The platform enables the users to cross-search dissertations with journals, eBooks to ensure maximum discoverability and research potential.
The platform has a rich dashboard for admin uses.
The thesis are from the region’s most prestigious universities
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