Healthcare Organizations

Teldan offers a wide range of medical and evidence-based clinical information resources to serve the needs of healthcare organizations. Helping clinicians, nurses, librarians and researchers make important decisions on patient care and medical discoveries. Allowing insights and fast access to the latest medical research, health information and requirements, reimbursements and more. We support personnel from training to practice. Services include Databases, Standards, eJournals & Print Journals and eBooks.

Our Services

Journals on Ovid
Thousand of eJournals published by Wolters Kluwer/LWW, 3rd party publishers, and societies in healthcare, medicine, nursing and para-medical areas. Individual subscriptions or packages. No access fee, unlimited access no Embargo.
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Teldan eJournals services
Teldan provides a wide range of eJournal services as part of a one stop shop for all of your Journal needs.
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Databases on Ovid
more than 100 core and niche databases to support the breadth of research needs in a wide range of disciplines including clinical medicine, pharmacology and more. The powerful combination of Ovid's rich database implementation with Ovid's advanced search features, natural language processing, sophisticated linking technology, and customizable display options, offer a unique, integrated database solution ideal for all users at your institution.
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Wiley journals
Over 1400 eJournals in various areas: Psychology, Chemistry, Physics, Life Sciences, Engineering etc. Flexible licensing options: Full collection, Subject collections, Individual subscriptions. No access fee Unlimited access, no Embargo.
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Wiley Online Books (Obooks)
Thousands of titles in subject matter such as: Psychology, Chemistry, Physics, Life Sciences, Engineering etc. Flexible licensing options: Subject collection, pick and choose, Usage Based Model Collection. One time purchase with perpetual rights. No access fee. Unlimited access, DRM-Free.
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Teldan's additional publishers
Contact us for other publishers or special requests.
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Teldan’s innovation and vision brings customers a loyal and long-standing partner in fulfilling all your information needs. As customers are moving from the "Information Age" to the "Knowledge Age", we now provide an increasing number of filtered, analyzed, real-time and customized information services, adding real value to information used by scientists, researchers, healthcare professionals, managers & consultants, decision makers and information professionals.

Leading Healthcare organizations choose to work with Teldan to provide all of their information needs. They enjoy Teldan's One Stop Shop, Teldan's Prices, Experience, flexibility and more.  Learn More >

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