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Teldan offers a wide range of database resources to serve the dynamic needs of the public libraries and their surrounding communities. We are committed to helping librarians to engage the evolving information needs of their patrons and strengthen resources. 
Teldan’s public library customers include worldwide public libraries, community centers, research libraries and more. With the diverse interests and backgrounds of patrons, libraries leverage Teldan’s leading publishers for the most up to date information and technologies.
Services include e-Journals & Print Journals, Databases and eBooks.

Teldan is a registered supplier of Femi Premium, the purchasing entity of Israel’s Public Libraries Community.


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Teldan eJournals services
Teldan provides a wide range of eJournal services as part of a one stop shop for all of your Journal needs.
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OECD iLibrary
The online library of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) featuring its books, papers and statistics and is the gateway to OECD's analysis and data. also contains content published by the International Energy Agency (IEA), the Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA), the OECD Development Centre, PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment), and the International Transport Forum (ITF). Presents all content so users can find - and cite - tables and databases as easily as articles or chapters in any available format: PDF, WEB, XLS, DATA, ePUB, READ.
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CNKI eJournals
China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI) database that contains eJournals and yearly books, from the leading Chinese publications. Multidisciplinary. Available in Chinese and in English.
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Teldan print journals services
Teldan provides a wide range of print Journal services as part of a one stop shop for all of your Journal needs.
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Teldan's additional publishers
Contact us for other publishers or special requests.
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EZproxy® - Connect users to content they want
Authentication is an important issue for libraries and information seekers; certain library resources require authorized access, while remote information seekers want access without obstacles. EZproxy access and authentication software connects to many content providers, including OCLC, EBSCO, Gale and others. It also connects to a wide variety of authentication services, including LDAP, SIP and Shibboleth, which reduces the number of authorizations and passwords users need to remember. Users gain secure remote access to the Web-based, licensed content they discover in libraries.
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A full-service online cataloging tool backed by OCLC's 40+ years of cataloging experience. Connexion lets you create and edit high-quality bibliographic and authority records and then share them with the entire OCLC cooperative, which benefits libraries around the world.
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Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) system
The world’s most widely used way to organize library collections. The DDC constantly updates to enable better discovery across any topic in multiple languages. Because the DDC is easy to use, you can increase the visibility of your materials quickly and efficiently.
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The most powerful interface for searching WorldCat. Researchers and library staff can find and select resources in thousands of library collections with rich information from WorldCat records. FirstSearch libraries are also more visible on the popular websites where people often begin their research.
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WorldShare Interlibrary Loan (ILL)
Automates your cloud-based interlibrary borrowing and lending processes though the largest resource-sharing network in the world to save your staff time and to ensure timely delivery of items to the people who need them.
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Teldan’s innovation and vision brings customers a loyal and long-standing partner in fulfilling all your information needs. As customers are moving from the "Information Age" to the "Knowledge Age", we now provide an increasing number of filtered, analyzed, real-time and customized information services, adding real value to information used by scientists, researchers, healthcare professionals, managers & consultants, decision makers and information professionals.

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