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Teldan significantly reduces journal acquisition administration time and costs – saving money with one order, one invoice and one payment. For Teldan customers, only one renewal invoice is sent annually. Therefore, any journal changes can be made based upon previous orders. It’s also simple for new customers – just send the current subscription list to start.
Subscription Prices
Teldan's subscription prices are determined by the publisher's catalog price list. Subscriptions ordered through our domestic delivery are charged domestic rates (restricted only by the publisher's consent) and subscriptions sent directly are charged the international rate. 

Domestic Prices
Teldan offers subscriptions at the domestic price. This price is sometimes considerably less expensive than the regular international surface price. Using this method, the client saves twice: the journals are received by our local office, shipped bulk air-freight to the library at reduced price, and received more quickly than by surface mail; and Teldan monitors missing issues and makes claims immediately. Teldan's handling charge is surprisingly low and is determined after evaluating the size and structure of each library list. 

Teldan provides the following time saving services for print journals:

  • Airfreight Deliveries - Teldan has established airfreight delivery service in several major countries. All journals are sent to our overseas office, from where they are transferred by bulk airfreight to the client. Included in each delivery is a packing slip. The client receives air deliveries and pays prices similar to surface post. Teldan also monitors missing issues and makes claims to the publishers for all missing issues. 
  • Check-in Services - Incoming shipments are carefully monitored and checked-in by Teldan. Every issue is recorded and missing issues are automatically claimed. In addition, the client receives a detailed computerized packing-slip listing title, quantity, issue, volume and year. 
  • Claims / Contact with Publishers - Teldan handles all contact with the publisher regarding missing issues and duplicates; cancellations and additions; and changes in mailing address or subscription dates. In addition Teldan provides subscription numbers for electronic access. 

Teldan provides the following personalized print journal services:

  • Service - Every Teldan client has a personal contact at Teldan who is responsible for providing a comprehensive, efficient and personalized service, which includes invoicing, ordering and claiming. All of our staff are professionally trained librarians who understand the timeliness of the supply of each and every journal issue.
  • Reports - Teldan will make available any type of report, based upon criteria of your choosing. One can request an invoice sorted by department or fund code; report of all claims and publishers responses; or a report listing all those titles that entitled you to free electronic access based upon your print subscriptions. Teldan will also provide you with full information regarding subscription and registration information for electronic journals.
  • Comprehensive Database - Teldan has developed an advanced comprehensive database, which enables monitoring, reporting and effective administration of thousands of orders with different delivery addresses, delivery methods, subscription periods and departmental references. This information will be available to you through our website  TeldanWebvision.