Academic InstitutionsAcademia Research

Teldan offers a wide range of academic library resources to serve the needs of academic institutions. We are committed to helping students and researchers discover insights to advance learning and research. 

Healthcare OrganizationsHealthcare Organizations

Teldan offers a wide range of medical and evidence-based clinical information resources to serve the needs of healthcare organizations.


Teldan offers a wide range of journals and online resources to serve the needs of corporations.

Government and MilitaryGovernment and Military

Teldan offers a wide range of military, defense and government resources to serve the needs of government, security and military agencies and their communities.

Public librariesAcademia Research

Teldan offers a wide range of database resources to serve the dynamic needs of the public libraries and their surrounding communities.


The latest development in the information field is with converting journals from print only collections to a mixture of electronic (e-Journal) and print subscriptions.


Teldan provides online access to hundreds of databases and thousands of sources for scientific, technological, medical and engineering information.


With the growing interests in instant solutions and eBooks, Teldan is pleased to offer academic, corporate, medical and research communities


Teldan Information Systems offers a range of proprietary products and solutions to complement its services. Solutions are developed and maintained in-house, and sold worldwide directly and via business partners and channels.