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An Integrated Solution to Access and Management of Electronic Resources


TDNet Knowledgebase is the core of TDNet’s solution to e-resource Access-Manage-Search & Find.
TDNet Knowledgebase includes several modules: 

  • Journals
  • Electronic Table of Contents
  • Books
  • A database of databases
  • ERM data including price info, acquisition info, and others.

Databases originate from publishers, aggregators, database producers and vendors. INTERNAL databases are particular to any given customer.
Knowledgebase management is a key element for linking from a citation to full text. OpenURL rules equally apply to all resolvers. TDNet’s resolver “TOUResolver” outperforms thanks to TDNet’s Knowledgebase.


TDNet maintains a direct relationship with aggregators and publishers to receive data on content, coverage and link changes directly on a regular basis.
TDNet updates the Global Knowledgebase daily to reflect the latest changes in content, coverage and links. Weekly, it sends updates to TDNet public servers and to Local databases installed at customer sites.
TDNet automatically implements the changes as quickly as possible for the library. TDNet performs all the work. A librarian’s intervention is not required.
In addition to automatic weekly updates by TDNet, customers have access to an online Administrator for real-time adding, editing or deleting individual titles or complete collections at the library’s discretion.


Knowledgebase: Journal Module

TDNet’s master knowledgebase includes over 285,000 unique print and full text journals from over 22,000 publishers, 1,100 full text aggregator collections, CrossRef DOI’s and others. TDNet is gradually adding e-book metadata.
TDNet includes additional print-only titles that customers wish including. It also tracks free Open Access titles and collections. Thanks to a worldwide customer base, the TDNet’s Knowledgebase is both comprehensive and global.


KnowledgeBase: e-TOC module

Table of Contents data for over 25,000 unique titles is built into the Knowledgebase. Such data uniquely enhances the ability to accurately identify resolved citations, and also improves the ability of linking users directly to full text.
Table of Contents data also adds optional features to the A-Z web interface, including article browsing, searching, linking, email alerting, and other valuable current awareness features.


KnowledgeBase: e-Book Module

The Knowledgebase includes close to 300,000 e-books, the core of TDNet e-Book Manager.


KnowledgeBase: Database Module

The Database of Databases includes thousands of various databases, hundreds of platforms, vendors and publishers.


KnowledgeBase: ERM Data Module

ERM requires additional information, e.g. available data: Price Information Acquisition information


Knowledgebase: Internal Database Module

This is one of the most important modules. It includes customized connectors prepared by TDNet to enable Search & Analysis of locally installed, private / custom databases. The collection includes various types of platforms and of data.


Knowledgebase: Reports

A variety of reports, e.g., extended collection Overlapping Reports Change Notes and ERM reports, in various formats are available: ONIX, EZProxy, MARC, and others. Expanding the Knowledgebase, enriching and maintaining it is a dynamic process. TDNet assumes full responsibility for all tasks including remote hosting unless the library prefers local hosting. TDNet frees librarians from a long and tedious setup, and from repetitive tasks of maintenance.

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