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Single Sign On (SSO) - Athens

Athens system allows Individuals to use single sign-on to access web resources, reduces the administrative burden for Librarians & Information managers and helps Content providers to maximize their market potential by reaching a greater audience. Organizations worldwide can benefit from the managed directory service Classic Athens or the integration with a local directory service offered by Athens Local Authentication options.


The Eduserv Athens Access Management System (AMS) simplifies access to your organization’s electronic resources. With a single username and password, your users can have single sign-on access to hundreds of online resources, many of which are portals that provide further access to hundreds of databases and tens of thousands of journals.


Classic Athens

Provides organizations with the tools necessary to create and manage usernames for single sign-on access to protected web resources. This is a managed service complete with full infrastructure.

Classic Athens offers:

  • Secure single sign-on access to multiple web-based services
  • Managed directory of user information with librarian-orientated tools
  • User accounts ideal for remote access
  • Encrypted bulk user account upload services
  • Highly scalable services - supports millions of user accounts
  • Replicated, load balanced and fully resilient architecture

Athens Local Authentication

There are a number of ways in which a local authentication system can be integrated with Athens:

  • AthensDA
  • SAML - Security Assertion Markup Language
  • Shibboleth ®

If an organization already has an established set of usernames and passwords, it may make sense to enable these accounts for access to Athens protected resources, rather than create a new set of usernames and passwords in Classic Athens.


Athens; IP independent access to e-resources - advantages:

  • Single sign-on to vendor resources, independent of location
  • Categorization of users, with different sets of resources
  • Fully hosted managed service with extensive SLA
  • Comprehensive web based administration tools and simple MyAthens portal
  • Optional integration with a local authentication system such as Active Directory
  • Shibboleth/SAML compliance

Categorize your users:

  • By department, by site, by role, whatever
  • Allocate different sets of resources to different categories of users
  • Set different expiry dates for different categories
  • Run statistics across categories, by resource, or by individual username

Allow users to register online:

  • With validation based on IP address, email address, badge number say
  • Backed up by regular reporting of registrations
  • Monthly usage statistics emailed automatically

Bulk Upload your users:

  • Generate a CSV file from another data source, eg Student Registry or Human Resource
  • Bulk upload it into Athens
  • Email the username details directly to the use
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