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TDNet Searcher


A Powerful Federated Searching Solution with Real-time Analysis and Automatic Metadata Tagging


TDNet Searcher is a powerful research tool that goes beyond ordinary federated searching by performing an automatic on-the-fly article analysis that clusters the search results into specific concepts, allowing users to quickly find the relevant articles they need from an organization's array of full text resources, including A&I databases, catalogs, Web sites, and local repositories


Search across multiple databases simultaneously

With TDNet Searcher you can search in hundreds of external resources such as full text databases, abstract databases, search portals, Web sites, library catalogs, and more.  TDNet also has extensive experience in building custom connectors for local resources and repositories.  To date, we have created over 4000 connectors to more than 4000 databases.


Analyze results automatically

Most federated search systems can display hundreds and thousands of search results, but only TDNet Searcher can dramatically improve the user's experience by organizing and displaying only the most relevant results.  When a user enters key words or phrases, TDNet Searcher's patented post-search text analysis automatically clusters the results into subject categories, allowing even the most basic users to quickly navigate to the articles they need.  In addition, TDNet Searcher features real-time automatic abstracting and metadata tagging for more precise results.


Choose your interface

TDNet Searcher offers a choice of two easy-to-use interfaces. The Standard interface includes full federated searching with TDNet Searcher's unique post-search article analysis and concept clustering technology.  The TDNet Searcher Personal interface adds powerful search customization tools, including the My Searches functionality that allows the user to create automated searches and receive citation reports via email, and My Links stores article citations for later review.   


Easily integrate with other IT systems

TDNet Searcher is designed to easily integrate with all other knowledge and content management systems and enterprise portals.  TDNet Searcher is also available as a stand-alone product with a browser-based front end.  



  • Allows patrons to search any or all of the library's external and internal databases
  • Organizes search results and greatly improves the user's search experience
  • Integrates seamlessly with TDNet's TOUResolver for enhanced functionality
  • Allows for customized Basic and Advanced search screen
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