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TDNet Journal Manager – A Central Access Point for your Complete E-journal Collection

As the access and management of e-resources becomes increasingly more complex, TDNet meets the challenge with a feature-rich system combined with a robust administrative module that simplifies e-journal maintenance while providing a single point of access to your entire e-resource collection.  The Journal Manager interface is fully customizable to meet the needs of your library and users and weekly updates ensure that your collection is always accurate and up-to-date. Users benefit from a central access point for all e-journals, access to current Tables of Contents, and current alerts services.


Start with a solid foundation

At the core of the Journal Manager service, is the TDNet Knowledgebase, a comprehensive database of metadata for over 270,000 unique titles and 700 collections. TDNet maintains a direct relationship with over 14,000 publishers and aggregators and updates its database daily to reflect the latest changes in content, coverage, and links.  The result: the most reliable and accurate data in the industry.


Manage your entire collection

With Journal Manager, you can effective manage all of your library's e-resources in one place, including:

  • Full text collections from any publisher 
  • Full text databases 
  • Full text electronic journals, individual titles
  • Print only journals
  • Open Access linking to titles to which your library does not subscribe 
  • Free Internet titles

In addition, you can directly access your library's catalog, OPAC, databases, and other e-resources. 


Optional Add On Feature: Access full text of your appropriate copy via CrossRef DOI and TOUResolver, TDNet's OpenURL Link Resolver.


Customize your own interface

Use your institution's colors and logo to personalize your TDNet homepage and reflect your institution's look and feel.  You can also customize the text and appearance of the Journal Manager home page and A to Z title list.  Further customization on the Journal Locator page enables you to list print-only titles and allows for subject search, quick search and other features. You can also include optional document delivery or ILL links. 


Provide your users with current awareness tools

Journal Manager offers an optional Tables of Contents service that provides access to a rolling 5 years archive of TOCs for thousands of journal titles.  You can also create profiles of “favorite” journals and receive TOC or Keyword Search Alerts via email. 


Maintain accuracy with weekly updates

Journal Manager is updated weekly to provide the latest titles, links, coverage dates, and TOCs.  In addition to the standard weekly update, the Journal Manager's Administrative function allows you to update title collections and individual journal collections in real time. 


  • Provides a single point of access for all your e-journals
  • Integrates seamlessly with TDNet's TOUResolver for enhanced functionality
  • Provides easy-to-navigate and searchable interface
  • Allows for special interface configurations for consortia or multi-site usage
  • Ensures accurate and up-to-date data with weekly Knowledgebase updates
  • Allows patrons to search any or all of the library's databases
  • Frees up valuable staff time

TDNet e-Book Manager – An Independent Portal for e-Books


e-Book Manager provides tools for accessing and managing your e-book holdings: 

  • A-Z e-book locator 
  • A single point of access to e-books, or to e-books and journals 
  • A source, among others, of federated search by TDNet Searcher
  • Resolvable

Users can search and access e-books as a stand-alone content. They can easily access e-books and journals combined. In a single platform they can search across the library’s resources including free and paid-for external databases such as journals and e-books, local repositories, and other sources. Users can also access e-book content through TOUResolver, TDNet’s OpenURL link resolver.
A comprehensive e-book Knowledgebase features automatic aggregator and publisher collection updating.


A-Z Interface

Book Manager features a customizable interface that offers optional A-Z listings of e-books. The interface can also be integrated with TDNet’s Journal Manager interface, giving a comprehensive view of e-book and journal holdings to users.


OpenURL Resolving

e-Book Manager is integrated with TOUResolver, TDNet’s OpenURL link resolver, allowing users to resolve e-book citations and link to e-book content at:

  • e-book level 
  • Chapter level whenever available 
  • Page level whenever available

In addition to a database of links preconfigured by TDNet, customers can also setup custom linking rules:

  • Per Publisher 
  • Per Aggregator 
  • Library defined:
    - Per particular arrangements
    - Per proxy requirements


e-Book Manager supports searching for:

  • e-books
  • Combined e-books & journals
  • Search by subjects as classified by the library

Many fields can be searched such as: e-book title, Year, ISBN, Author, Volume, Editor, Issue, Publisher, Edition, Vendor


The Knowledgebase

TDNet’s comprehensive knowledgebase, constantly updated for the latest content, coverage, and link information, is a fundamental part of all TDNet services. e-Book Manager benefits from a detailed knowledgebase that includes automatic weekly updates of publisher and aggregator collections. The knowledgebase currently includes over 300,000 e-books, including content from publishers and aggregators such as NetLibrary, MyiLibrary, Oxford Reference Online, and others.


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