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Morningstar Real Time Finanacial Information & Data Feeds API/XML

The Morningstar Global Market Data Feed is the underlying data source for all our products. This delivers reliable, accurate and low latency data direct from over 150 global sources. Morningstar  provides a broad span of products that deliver value-added market data for today’s professional user.

We have a variety of intraday market data feeds that can deliver streaming and snapshot data for use across an enterprise or for client usage. These include ultra low latency data feeds; low latency consolidated data feeds and snapshot XML services.


Morningstar  range of technology adapters, plug-ins and APIs make integration of this data within your applications and infrastructure straightforward. We can present data straight into a RMDS database or deliver this onto a Microsoft, Linux or Unix platform.



  • Morningstar  designed to process directly-connected Exchange data feeds. The service has been structured for use where ‘ultra low latency’ is required and can connect to many exchanges around the globe.
  • Morningstar minimizes latency through two means. Firstly, data from the exchanges is delivered directly from the exchange to the client site, bypassing Morningstar central ticker plants. Secondly all non-essential processes have been removed and the remaining processes optimized to ensure single digit millisecond performance.
  • Morningstar output format is consistent with Morningstar consolidated feed and so gives clients the option to take single or multiple direct connections to ‘priority’ exchanges and then use Morningstar consolidated feed for lower priority sources.

We have a range of desktop products including our market data workstation called QuoteSpeed, which offers a flexible and high-performance environment for the display and analysis of real-time market data.


Morningstar can meet all the needs of today’s desktop user with a variety of proprietary and partner products. From Morningstar can meet all the needs of today’s desktop user with a variety of proprietary and partner products. From complex technical analysis and program trading to browser-based workstations, Morningstar can deliver the right combination of functionality, content and price to match your requirements.


Morningstar proprietary technology is employed across all of our ticker plants & data feeds as well as our direct APIs and front-end products. We do not re-badge third-party software. This means that all of our technology is designed to do that specific market data job that is required of it.


For our ticker plant and data feed products, our technology is based upon a light touch principle, so we can deliver low latency data that captures every tick and delivers that accurately and reliably.


Our APIs and front-end products are driven by the need to make them simple but efficient. We achieve this through accuracy of design as well as high-performance components.


All of our technology can be deployed across a wide range of demanding environments including low latency Unix/Linux infrastructure.



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