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Back Issues

For more than 20 years, Teldan has been supplying journal subscriptions to its clients in Israel and throughout the world.


It was a natural development for Teldan to branch into the field of supply of Back Volumes and Back Sets of journals.


Teldan maintains its own collection of Back Volumes; and if not in our possession we will make every effort to obtain it from the publisher, or from another source, at the best possible price.


Teldan has established a close working relationship with G.H. Arrow (USA), one of the oldest and largest Back Volume dealers in the United States; thereby guaranteeing lowest prices as well as minimal shipping charges.


Our joint inventory consists of approximately 4,500 different titles; 20,000 scholarly publications; and more than 4 million individual issues.


What you want, we probably have already in stock for immediate delivery.


Our staff is ready to offer you a price quotation for a full library collection, or immediately send you a Back Volume or an individual back issue.


Our specialization includes the following fields:

Medicine, Science, Physics, Computing, Mathematics, Psychology and Education.


Although our inventory changes, we do usually have most Back Volumes for most titles from all the following major publishers, including:

  • American Chemical Society                   Lippincott
  • American College of Physicians              Liss (London)
  • American Institute of Physics                 Mosby
  • American Medical Association                Saunders
  • Chemical Abstracts                               Springer
  • Elsevier Science                                    Wiley & Sons
  • IEEE
  • ISI

Libraries have relied on our professional expertise to complete and develop their collections. We are ready to help you fill in gaps in you collection or supply back volumes for new or expanding departmetns.

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