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Newsletter September 2017 - ENGLISH version

1 October, 2017

Hello Dear Reader,

We are happy to present the September 2017 issue.

The subject of this issue is the Social Media - its effects on the present and on the future.

We encourage you to offer comments, suggestions and general feedback.

Wishing you a pleasant reading!

Five ways Social Media changed the World

Social media is so deeply integrated with our daily lives now that it’s hard to remember a time when these platform weren’t around. Social Media affects not only the entire world but also the individual lives of each of us. Here are 5 ways social media changed the world.

The dream work

When you're looking at pictures on social media, sometimes they seem perfect enough to be an advertisement. And sometimes, that's exactly what they are. Social media influencer Alexa Mehraban's job sounds too good to be true: She takes pictures of food and posts them on Instagram. Companies pay her to do it.

What do you do when 911 is not available?

Social media has changed the entire dynamics of storms, hurricanes & emergency situations. Everyone instantly knows what is going on & people are using it to request immediate help.

Health Care Hero: Jim Decker gets creative to find MEDIC volunteers: Modern ways to get donors

Can you think of creative ways to attract volunteers to donate blood? Jim Decker, executive director of the US Regional Blood Center, has come up with interesting solutions to finding potential donors. Information and other details about "Health Hero" can be found in the following article.

How central banks use social media to reach out to the public: You should be following your bank

Which social media platform do you use at Swiss National Bank? Which bank uses Pinterest, Podcast, and SoundCloud to connect with its customers? Answers to these questions and the results of the study conducted by 24 central banks on their use of social media can be found in the following article.


6 Social Media Trends to Prepare for in 2018

Social media presents so many opportunities for marketers to connect with audiences, create and distribute better content, and build their brands (and their following). To take advantage of all that opportunity, you've got to understand that these shifts happen frequently, so staying ahead of the trends is imperative: 6 trends in social media, and new developments on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.


Edited by: Daria Olshanskiy, Garry Bregman

Assisted by: Michal Pulvernis, Ira Feigin, Ariela Epstein, Lena Samsonova, Yulia Kosse   

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