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Newsletter August 2017 - ENGLISH version

16 August, 2017

August 2017


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The subject of this issue is Redesign and Changing Formats in Websites Libraries.

Hit Refresh | User Experience

How does a good website look today? What are the signs that your website requires a design change or innovation? Should a library's website look different from other websites? From what you have to start when deciding to renew a website? The article contains interesting data and recommendations for those building a new website or redesigning an existing website.

The Library of Congress opened its catalogs to the world. Here's why it matters

Imagine you wanted to find books or journal articles on a particular subject. Or find manuscripts by a particular author. Or locate serials, music or maps. You would use a library catalog that includes facts - like title, author, publication date, subject headings and genre.

That information and more is stored in the treasure trove of library catalogs.

 But what if you could also experiment with the data in those records to explore other kinds of research questions - like trends in subject matter, semantics in titles or patterns in the geographic source of works on a given topic?

 Now it is possible. The Library of Congress has made 25 million digital catalog records available for anyone to use at no charge. The free data set

includes records from 1968 to 2014. To the article

Now available at your local library: non-books

What do you think about lending guitars in libraries? And what about a selfie stick, seeds of plants, binoculars, telescopes or toys? The list looks a bit odd at first sight, but the Somerville Public Library (US) discovered that this ‘library of things,’ started ‘flying off the shelves.’ By expanding its collections beyond media, the Somerville library joined a global movement to broaden the role of public libraries.

Check out what were the results

So what's a pop up library? One's coming to Cranston neighborhoods

Mobile library is not a new phenomenon, but this does not detract from its importance: “Rather than waiting for them to find a way to us, we plan to bring the library to all community events across the city… While children’s books will be the focus of the collection, materials for adults will be available as well." To the article

Libraries elsewhere

Beach, metro, pub and flowering field - what do they have in common?

“Libraries of one kind and another seem to

be popping up everywhere. They are

creative reactions to library closures and

lack of funds and also new routes and

locations for book sharing.” A photo gallery.

Edited by: Daria Olshanskiy, Garry Bregman

Assisted by: Michal Pulvernis, Yulia Kosse, Lena Samsonova


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