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E-Content Management Services

Combining authoritative content from world-renowned sources with innovative information technologies, Teldan offers a broad spectrum of Knowledge Resources for the academic, corporate, government, and healthcare communities.


Managing information sources and empowering large user communities to retrieve information from the organization's electronic resources have become key challenges to the information center - ways of adding real value to information used by scientists, researchers, healthcare professionals, managers & consultants, decision makers and information professionals. 


In this period of accelerated transition, moving from the "Information Age" to the "Knowledge Age" Teldan today provides an increasing number of filtered, analyzed, real-time and customized information services, ranging from TDNet Library and Information Center Solutions , through IHS Enterprise portals, a suite of Web-based content modules that deliver business-critical news and intelligence to your organization's information portals.


Backed by our more than 30 years' experience in working close to the information community, we are tuned to its every need. The expertise gained over the years, combined with innovation and vision, ensure that Teldan will be a loyal and long-standing partner in fulfilling all your information needs.

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