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Business & Financial Information Resources

With global coverage in all areas of industry, science, technology, defense and current affairs, Teldan offers the most comprehensive and reliable collection of Business Information sources from the world's leading providers, covering areas such as:

  • Analyst Research Reports
  • Breaking, Real-time Business News
  • Business & Trade Statistics
  • Company & Industry News
  • Company Financials and Filings
  • Market Research Reports
  • Product announcements

With timely coverage of industry events and breaking news, in-depth, expert opinion and analysis, our customers use business intelligence for a variety of applications, including competitive intelligence, strategic planning, new business development, researching new products, tracking mergers and acquisitions, conducting sales and marketing activities, and more.


For over 25 years Teldan has been the trusted source for information professionals with in the Israeli market. Whether you need a quick fact on your competition overseas, an exhaustive search on a news topic or daily alerts on developments in your industry, Teldan has the answers in a format and delivery platform to meet your needs.  


Moving from the "Information Age" to the "Knowledge Age" we now provide an increasing number of filtered, analyzed, real-time and customized information services, adding real value to information used by marketing & sales professionals, managers & consultants, decision makers, researchers, and information professionals.


Financial market data requirements are rapidly expanding as customers integrate ever more sophisticated analytical and trading applications into their environments. Mission-critical decisions need accurate and timely currency exchange and other contributed data. Applications must accommodate these demands and allow for information to be published and accessed accordingly.

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